Baby Alpaca 10/2

Distributeur Bc Garn
Material: 100% Alpaca
Yardage: 250m/50g
Needle: 2-4,5 mm
Gauge: 31 = 10 cm
Material Consumption for women's jumper size M: 300g
hand wash
Babyalpaca is a super soft yarn. 
The fine fiber contains microscopic air pockets which makes the yarn very light, at the same time Babyalpaca is 5 times warmer than ordinary wool. 
Babyalpaca is not 'scratchy' because the yarn does not contain lanolin and the fiber structure is smooth. Babyalpaca fibers are strong and elastic. 
A luxury yarn, with a wonderful softness. 
Babyalpaca is suitable for felting, weaving, hand knitting and machine knitting.