The Hattie & Ellis - paper pattern

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This pattern and the instruction booklet are in English.

Both versions of this dress have four delicate neck darts, Ellis, which is more feminine thanks to chest darts, is fitted, with sleeves and side pockets. Hattie has a lined bodice, dropped waist and bold patch pockets.

Paper pattern ranging from size 8 to 18. Seam allowances of 1.5 cm are included in the pattern, unless otherwise specified.

The pattern piece for the skirt is quite wide so the yardage needed is only specified for 120cm wide fabrics. You can use narrower fabric on the following sizes:

Fits Ellis sizes 8 & 10 in 112cm wide fabrics.

For Hattie sizes 8,10 & 12 in 112cm wide fabrics .

For Hattie size 8 in 106cm wide fabrics .

Yardage of fabric needed : Hattie

Yardage of fabric needed : Ellis

Finished Garment Measurements

Size Chart (UK)