Catona Chroma - coton mercerisé - 50gr

Distributeur Scheepjes

Scheepjes Catona Chroma is a beautiful, multicoloured variation on our popular Scheepjes Catona. Both yarns are identical in fibre content and quality and all new colourways of Catona Chroma are based on the existing shades of the Catona series. This makes both yarns perfect to mix and match and gives projects a playful pop of colour.

 ­Composition : 100% coton mercerisé

  ­Aiguille : 2,5-3,5
  ­Crochet : 2,5-3,5

  Longueur : 125m / 50 g
  Echantillon : 10cm x 10 cm = 26 M x 36 R

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