Atelier Moondust opens the doors to aesthetic and modern sewing through learning and support according to your profile and your expectations, shared between an online store (wide range of fabrics, patterns and haberdashery items) and a program of group workshops on weekdays and weekends.


From creative research to creation carried out, we offer you a participative experience whose common threads are quality and richness.

At Atelier Moondust, we take great care in choosing the fabrics we work with. We can thus offer you a wide variety of fabrics while ensuring their traceability.

Our workshops are aimed at adults as well as at the youngest (children from 8 to 12 years old and teenagers from 13 to 16 years old), beginners or not:

  • organized in groups of 5, they take place in one or more sessions of a maximum of 3 hours, depending on the theme chosen and the technical level;
  • given in French, they are however accessible to non-French speakers (instructions possible in English).

Our workshop formulas are designed so that you can easily reconcile them with an already full, if not overflowing, agenda. The objective is that at the end of each work session, you leave with something acquired, not to embark on a year-long training course!

If the place of installation is temporary, we rely on a structure and equipment worthy of a professional sewing space. Worktops, sewing machines and accessories, patterns, etc. : everything has been thought out to get the best out of the materials used.


For a long time, this adventure had been circling above his head, like a moon around his creative universe. Isabelle has always wanted to share her passion for sewing and DIY creation in general. Pieces made privately, for her loved ones, for herself, or simply for the pleasure of the gesture, brought down the first dust on her path. Then there were those three years at Finch Sewing studio in the United States… those dream particles then took over. With Moondust comes a new moon. Each loop of thread in the canvas will form its grain.

Special thought: the text is signed RIVER .