Atelier Moondust also offers you a printing service for your patterns in A0 format.

How to proceed? you can send us your pdf files to print at .

Please copy/paste the form below and complete it:

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First and last name:
Address (if delivery):
Phone number:
Total number of file(s) to print:
If the file is in color do you want a black and white print:
*Do you want to be delivered: YES / NO
*If yes, do you want to attach the patterns to an order YES / NO
- if YES: please indicate the order number:.....
- *If NO: would you like to receive your patterns folded (manually) / rolled up
*Delete as appropriate
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Please send us only the A0 file of your pattern and not the whole file.

What is the price? The price varies depending on the size of the file to be printed. The basic price per A0 page in black and white:

- For 1 A0: 5€

- For 2 A0: €4.5/pc

- From 3 A0: €3.75/pc

- Color printing from €7.5 per page

If you would like a quote for printing, do not hesitate to contact us at

 When can I pick up my print? We will process your requests as soon as possible (usually the first or second working day following the sending of your e-mail). We will notify you by email that your order is ready.

Can you send me my impressions? Yes, we can send them to you.
- Either you want to attach them to an online order, in which case we will attach your hand-folded patterns to your order,

- Either you only want to order prints, which we can then deliver to you by adding the usual delivery costs. If you wish to receive your patterns rolled up and not manually folded, an additional €1 will be requested to cover part of the packaging costs.

In case of delivery, how can I pay for my order? We will send you an invoice to pay online.