In May, the municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Lambert organizes its not-to-be-missed “Georges Henri en fête” during which local traders take over the public space to showcase their trade and their products.

For the occasion, Atelier Moondust wanted to organize a market of craft creators from different worlds and to highlight their work. Come and discover these real favorites on Sunday May 22 in front of our shop located at 328, avenue Georges Henri.

The creators


Bisebille is a young upcycling and overcycling brand inspired by different artistic trends. Very colorful, the creations are made from recovered plastics for jewelry, terry towels for bananas or even bedspreads for jackets or shopping bags. Many other materials are exploited according to the mood of Angelique, the designer, who never ceases to like to explore as many possibilities as possible.

It was Martine who made it

For ten years, Martine has been sewing bags, pouches, cases, napkins, purses, trinkets, etc. from salvaged fabrics. She can thus combine concern for the environment, the pleasure of antiquing and creativity. The association of materials, patterns and colors makes it possible to create pieces that are, most often, unique. Martine also sews clothing in recycled fabrics: drapes, sheets, tablecloths, etc. Everything, or almost, can be transformed to combine style and minimal impact on the planet.

Elius Bec

Elius Bec does different things according to his desires and needs, including comics, illustration, embroidery and making bird head jewellery. Ael loves meticulousness and detail. The majority of her visuals are excerpts from her ongoing comic, which addresses the wandering of autism diagnoses in people assigned female at birth.


Poetic stroll

At the origin of this project, is the desire to share ideas and creative impulses, so that they are not confined only to our respective interiors, but can invest others. Carried by two sisters (designated the big one and the little one), this project includes several variations: creations from dried flowers (bells under glass, wreaths, candles, mini bouquets placed in vases found here and there), based on watercolor and embroidery. Flowers, colors and the art of paper particularly enliven their creative gestures. The very essence of their project is to invite people to poetic wandering and to the different ways of poetically inhabiting our worlds, whether real or imaginary.


Glittrfae scatters in all directions: drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry. Since early childhood, she has created a personal universe that always waltzes between the real and the magical. Inspired by folklore, her personal life and what she can imagine, Glittrfae always tries to physically represent everything that happens inside.


JuDilan was born from the love of stones and creation. Céline herself selects these holistic jewels in natural stones for their energetic, aesthetic, natural quality and respectful of the rules that are dear to her. It avoids heated, tinted, altered, irradiated and extracted minerals without strict respect for the fundamental rights of Nature and Humans.

The girl on the bridge

Since her beginnings, La fille du pont embroiders by hand on fabrics, textiles, often second-hand, and over time, she has extended her technique to paper. The fact of mixing the yarn was a real thunderbolt because of the meeting of materials that sublimate each other and the different way of thinking and working on the project. A few years later, couture also took its place thanks to the creation of banana bags where she plays with prints and materials. In this universe made of thread, his colorful illustrations have been invited, always with this desire to offer a little parenthesis out of time.

The child witch

This artist proposes a concept of "embroidered flashes". She has a book of flashes like the tattoo artists but instead of tattooing them, she embroiders them on second-hand clothes. She also does illustrations and upcycling.

Casa Nome

Welcome to casa Nomé, a selection of bohemian and vintage objects, where each piece is thrifted with patience and passion. Casa Nomé offers an alternative to fast-deco, highlighting second-hand objects and crockery. Here, we want to make do with what exists, rather than buying new. The project was born from the imagination of Salomé, a passionate decorator who likes to spend her time in flea markets and stalls of forgotten objects. She selects her favorite pieces for you, cleans them, enhances them and photographs them to breathe new life into them.

My girlfriend's pralines

My girlfriend's pralines are artisanal Belgian pralines made entirely in-house with love by Vinciane. Following her training in chocolate making at Ceria, Vinciane decided to delight our taste buds with delicious pralines, spreads to die for, loose chocolate bars with different tastes... In short, great taste happiness!

Lisa Joseph

Lisa Joseph is a sparkling and creative Belgian brand. She imagines ethical and poetic objects. Launched in 2019, the stationery collection is colorful, minimalist and full of sweetness. The stationery is designed and printed in Belgium. Offering creations that respect the environment and people is at the heart of our approach. Who is behind the brand? Lisa is in love with the printed image, she loves dancing, strolling, neon and sequins.

Made by Khani

This artist offers watercolor stationery as well as watercolor workshops to learn about the technique. His creations are modern and refreshing.


Photography, photo printing and postcards

Can be a close-up of 1 person, standing and indoors

Pottery with Soul

This ceramist inspired by nature, flowers, the moon, creates pieces for every day that embellish your daily life: cups, vases, scented candles, and also equipment for watercolourists. Designed and made in her workshop located in Woluwe Saint Lambert, her pieces are timeless, feminine and full of poetry.

Seren Teke

This artist is directly inspired by her environment. Paper, pencil, nature, and let's go! She loves drawing on glass, birth cards, prints,... Above all, she loves drawing on second-hand objects and thus giving them a second life. His illustrations are full of purity, love, and breasts;)

Geef me papier, potloden, de natuur en ik kan de hele dag tekenen. Mijn omgeving is dan ook mijn inspirationbron. Ik maak graag raamtekeningen, geboortekaartjes, prints,... Het liefst teken ik op kringloopspullen en geef ze hierdoor een tweede leven. Mijn illustraties bevatten meestal puurheid, liefde en borsten ;)